Basic Equipment List

Below is a list of required basic clothing and equipment for new recruits. This list contains all of the basic equipment in order to portray a soldier in the 7th Virginia Infantry Company A. Please note that this list contains our standard uniform requirement. Just like with any other Confederate unit, there was an Early War uniform, Mid-War uniform and Late War uniform. This list satisfies the Mid-War uniform and is generally acceptable at the most events.

1) One Confederate Enlisted Kepi or Slouch Hat (please purchase the kepi first)
2) One pair of CS or US Brogans (No Boots) --It is highly recommended to have heel plates.
3) One Confederate Enlisted Richmond Depot Type II Shell Jacket. --Must be made of Wool and "Richmond Gray" (dark gray) in color.
4) One pair of Confederate Enlisted Trousers (Made of Richmond Gray Wool)
5) One pair of Suspenders. (modern variants are not accepted).
6) Two pairs of Cotton Shirts. (At least one shirt should be made of a color pattern of sorts)
7) Two pairs of Wool Socks
8) One pair of Wool Gloves (either full length or "fingerless")
9) One CS Enlisted Great Coat/Overcoat --(dark or medium Gray Wool, Brown, and Sky Blue is acceptable. Jean Cloth is also acceptable)

1) One Reproduction 3-band Rifle or Musket (.58 Caliber 1853 Enfield, 1861 or 1863 Springfield are preferred. Other acceptable types are: the Springfield M1842 .69 Cal musket, M1855 Springfield, and CS Richmond Rifle). --Note that Original firearms are only permitted at living histories. They cannot be used at battle reenactments.
2) One Black Leather Belt with Brass Buckle (Either a Virginia plate or CS buckle is acceptable)
3) One Black Leather Cartridge Box with Shoulder Sling
4) One Black Leather Cap Pouch
5) One Bayonet and Scabbard --Bayonet must fit the appropriate rifle (i.e. a Springfield Bayonet will not fit an Enfield Rifle).
6) One CS or US Canteen --Tin, Stainless Steel, or a Wooden Drum is acceptable
7) One Haversack --Tarred Canvas is preferred but a white cloth version or Civilian version is acceptable.
8) Two Wool Blankets
9) One Ground Cloth/Gum Blanket --(This should preferably be tarred on one side. An Oiled Canvas Cloth is also acceptable)
10) One Canvas Tent with Tent Poles and Stakes --(Should be either a Shelter "Dog" Tent or an A-Frame "Wedge" Tent.)
11) One Cookware Set (includes one plate, one set of utensils--knife, fork, spoon--and one cup). Tin is preferred but Stainless Steel is acceptable.

In addition to the above, all members and recruits will need to buy FFg or FFFg Blackpowder, Four-wing German Caps, and Paper Cartridges (sometimes called "Paper Ladies"). Everyone is expected to prepare their own cartridges for each event. These items should be purchased through the Company Quartermaster. Also, all recruits will be expected to maintain their own gear, so the purchase of leather care products and gun cleaning products are also necessary. New Recruits will be instructed on how to properly maintain all of their equipment.

All Recruits should purchase these items before purchasing any other equipment.