Original Richardson Guards Members

Below is a list of the original members of the Richardson Guards from Madison County, VA. Most if not all of the men would go on to serve in Company A of the 7th Virginia Infantry. Madison furnished multiple companies, varying from infantry, cavalry, and artillery. In some cases, it was possible for one of these members to have joined another unit from Madison. Company K of the 7th Virginia also originated from Madison too.

For example, the 82nd Virginia Militia, also activated by Governor John Letcher around April of 1861, originated from Madison County. This was a four company militia battalion that served until August 1861. During First Manassas, the men were deployed in reserve at Camp Johnson near Culpeper. Members. In August, the unit was disbanded, but the four companies were merged into a single company which would be named the "Jeff Davis Guards". This company would be assigned to the 10th Virginia Infantry as Company L.

List of Original Members

**All of the above information was obtained from the following sources: "A History of Madison County" by Claude Lindsay Yowell, "For Home and Honor" by Harold Woodward Jr, and the "7th Virginia Infantry" Regimental Book by David Emmons Johntson.

Roster List

Last Name First Name Militia Rank
Welch John Captain
Cave William Jones First Lieutenant
Gordon Hiram Wakefield Second Lieutenant
Crisler Nelson Weaver Third Lieutenant
Aylor Robert H.
Aylor John William
Banks S.N.
Banks William A.
Bates Reuben
Blankenbaker Elias Frank
Blankenbaker Elliot Finks
Blankenbaker George M.
Blankenbaker James Cornelius
Blankenbaker James N.
Bouton Edwin
Bradford Osmond
Brown John J.
Buckner Addison Walker
Burnette William R.
Carpenter Cumberland George
Carpenter John W.
Carpenter Robert F.
Carpenter Albert W.
Clatterbuck Albert W.
Clore James T.
Eaheart A. J.
Early William David
Eddins James W.
Fray John J.
Fray William Henry
Gaar Abram Willis
Gordon Melville C.
Harrison William Foushee
Harvey Francis
Hill John Booton
Hume Robert T.
Hume William S.
Hunton John
Jenks O. B.
Jones Alphonso Napoleon
Jones William Alfred
Kinsey Richard M.
Lacy Daivd Wood
Lacy William J.
Lightfoot John
Lovell William
Renalds John M.
Rowzee Thomas E.
Sprinkle William B.
Teasley George Robert
Thomas Reuben Smith
Thomas Robert A.
Utz Thomas
Wallace George Mason
Wayman James T.
Yager Moses W.