7th Virginia Roster List

Below is a roster list of the soldiers of the 7th Virginia Infantry Regiment. The roster includes all companies within the regiment. The list is sorted alphabetically by last name.

All information was obtained from the books "A History of Madison County" by Claude Lindsay Yowell, "For Home and Honor" by Harold Woodward Jr, and the "7th Virginia Infantry" Regimental book by David F. Riggs. Details about each soldier can be further explored within these books.

Company B-I

Unit Status: Company C
Last Name First Name Unit Rank Details
Hume Robert B. Private
Shotwell John Hamilton Private

Promoted Corporal.

Smith George Private

Corporal 3/1862, Sergeant 7/1862.

Smith William Benjamin Private
Unit Status: Company E
Last Name First Name Unit Rank Details
Carpenter Jeremiah A. Private
Suddith Benjamin Private
Unit Status: Company F
Last Name First Name Unit Rank Details
McMullen Francis Marion Captain

Enlisted in Company F as Captain, not re-elected at 1862 reorganization. Joined 4th Virginia Heavy Artillery as Lieutenant in May 1862.

Clatterbuck J. William Private
Southards John May Private
Watson George W. Private

Ensign 11/1862, Color Sergeant 1/1863, Ensign 7/1864. Promoted to Lieutenant.

Unit Status: Company G
Last Name First Name Unit Rank Details
Story Columbus Corporal

Sergeant 4/1862, Lieutenant 4/1863.

Aylor William Jackson Private
Brown James V. Private
Hawkins Augustus Private
Henshaw A. L. Private
Henshaw Robert S. Private

Corporal 4/1862, Sergeant 6/1863, Private 12/1863.

Smith James Private
Unit Status: Company H
Last Name First Name Unit Rank Details
Adams Milton Private

Company K

Last Name First Name Unit Rank Details
Lovell William Captain

Richardson Guards Member, educated at V.M.I., farmer, enlisted in Co K as Captain. Not re-elected after reorganization in April 1862.

Jones Alphonso Napoleon 2nd Lieutenant

Richardson Guards Member, farmer, enlisted in Co. K as 2nd Lieutenant. Elected Captain after reorganization. Commanded regiment briefly after Gettysburg, writing official report for Pickett's Charge.

Gaar Abram Willis Lieutenant

Richardson Guards Member, merchant, enlisted in Co K as Lieutenant, Acting Quartermaster early 1862. Not re-elected in reorganization 4/26/1862.

Gaar Benjamin Franklin Lieutenant
Blankenbaker William J. Sergeant

Private 3/1862

Gooding William W. Sergeant

Mechanic, enlisted 4/1861 as Sergeant, To Lieutenant 4/1862. Transferred to Company K 3/1862 (possibly as musician). KIA at Frayser's Farm 6/30/1862.

Leavel James Sergeant

Orderly Sergeant.

Racer George H. Sergeant

Private 12/1/1862 due to wound.

Racer James O. B. Sergeant
Rosson U. B. Sergeant
Wayman Belfield C. Sergeant

Private 12/1861.

Eddins Joel H. Corporal

Lieutenant, date unknown. Not re-elected at reorganization and discharged 4/1862

Utz George Corporal

Promoted to Sergeant.

Wayland Robert B. Corporal

Promoted Sergeant, Lieutenant 4/1862

Weaver Robert Henry Corporal

Sergeant 9/1862.

Moore John W.

KIA at First Manassas 7/21/1861

Amos Jefferson Private
Amos John Private
Apraan James Private
Austin James W Private
Aylor Benjamin J Private

Sergeant 3/1864

Berry Jr. Chadwell Private
Bledsoe William H. Private
Breeden Joseph Private
Brown Crisman S. Private
Brown J. L. Private

Sergeant 1/1862

Carpenter A. J. Private
Carpenter H. T. Private
Carpenter W. H. Private

Enlisted 4/1864 at Tarboro, NC, transferred from 14th Mississippi Infantry.

Cave Lorenzo F. Private
Cheek Richard Private
Clatterbuck Daniel M. Private
Clayton John William Private

Sergeant 8/1863

Clore Charles Private
Coats Fountain Private
Coats William Private
Coppage Robert Private
Cubbage Reuben Private
Darnold Zachariah Private
Davis William Private
Dawson James F. Private

Sergeant 1/1863

Delph William S. Private
Dixon William H. Private
Dodson John Private
Fincham Wesley Private
Fincham William G. Private
Gaines Reuben W. Private
Gooding Robert Private
Grayson Robert W. Private
Groom J. F. Private
Harlow James A. Private
Harlow John William Private
Harlow Lewis B. Private
Herndon George Private
Herring Nimrod Brown Private
Hicks Herndon F. Private
Hill Joseph W. Private
Hoffman J. W. Private

Enlisted at Petersburg 3/1863.

Hoffman Moses Andrew Private
Hoffman Robert N. Private

Corporal 1862.

Horton John W. Private
Hundley Robert Private
Hunton George Horace Private

Corporal, date unknown.

Hurt H. W. Private
Hurt William W. Private
Jackson George W. Private
Jackson William H. Private
Jenkins Austin Private
Jenkins Garnett Private

Enlisted 12/1863 at Camp Taylor.

Jenkins James H. Private
Jenkins John W. Private
Jenkins Powell S. Private
Jenkins Wesley Private
Jones B. F. Private
Kennedy James F. Private
Kinger G. C. Private
Kinsey Richard M. Private

Richardson Guards Member, listed as Private in Co K rolls. Enlisted in Co G 12th VA Cavalry in April 1862. Discharged via Surgeon's Certificate of Disability in October 1862.

Kirtley John A. Private

Corporal in 1862.

Kirtley William Buford Private
Knight L. W. Private
Layton Henry S. Private
Lee W. James Private
Levell Joseph Private

Sergeant Spring 1862.

Lindsey Thomas J Private
Long Edward J. Private
Lucas William D. Private
McGehee Garrotte Private
McIntire Eldridge W. Private
Morris L. C. Private
Nichols William E. Private
Roberts Benjamin D. Private
Roberts St. Clair Private
Robinson John J. Private
Rose James Private
Rosser Edwin Private
Rosser James M. Private

Lieutenant 4/1862

Rosson Emanuel Barnette Private
Scott John Stockdell Private
Shipp James H. Private
Shipp John Private
Skinner Robert Private
Smith Joseph B. Private
Smith William H. Private
Spicer James Albert Private
Strodman Leonard Private
Taylor Thomas J. Private
Thomas John Private
Thompson J. H. Private
Wayland Thomas M. Private
Weaver John M. Private

Corporal 3/1862

Weaver Lord M. Private
Weaver William Franklin Private