7th Virginia Today

Today the reenacting unit, 7th Virginia Infantry Company A, remains an active unit at events, reenactments, and living histories. The primary task of the members are to retell the story of the Company A and the 7th VA throughout the war from 1861-1865. The 7th Virginia Infantry is remembered and honored by the men who serve again to give glory and distinction to their memory.

The unit was first established in 1993 as Company C with nine original members. In October 1999, the members voted to change the unit to "Company A" from Madison County.

The unit's first captain was Bill Graham. In 2010 Bill Graham was promoted to Major to serve on 3rd ANV staff. Steve Hensley, one of the original charter members, was elected the next Captain, and he continues to serve in that capacity.

Each year, the members meet for the Annual Meeting to determine events and officers for each subsequent year. All company Officers and NCOs are elected on an annual basis by all voting members of the company. The number of positions are based on the size of the company. At a minimum, the company elects a Captain and 1st Sergeant.

The reenacting unit frequently participates in battle reenactments, living histories and ceremonies throughout each year. At the Annual Meeting, events are voted on by all voting members to determine whether the company attends.

2017 Staff:

Captain Steve Hensley
1st Sergeant Robert Yowell
2nd Sergeant Robert Silvrants
Treasurer Bill Graham
Quartermaster Brian Pretlow

Below is a slideshow of pictures featuring members of the 7th VA since 1993:

Charter Members 1993
Original Charter Members
October 1999
Company C changes to Company A
7th VA Flag Dedication May 2001
Members present for original flag dedication
Cedar Creek 2010
New Member Induction
Sons of War Movie 2011
Company Formation
Battalion Formation
Company A at Port Republic 2012
Charter Member 2013
Vigil 2015
Fairview Cemetery
Scott Memorial
Members of Company A at the Scott Memorial
Vigil 2017
Company A at the Fairview Cemetery